Police Commissioner Gardner announces 2012 crime statistics

January 24, 2013 – Police Commissioner Charles Gardner held a press conference today and announced a significant reduction in crime statistics for year ending 2012. The Police Commissioner was joined by Mayor Mike Spano, members of the City Council, Yonkers Police Department command staff, and patrol officers.

In 2012, Part 1 major crimes are down 13% as compared to the prior year. This is a seven year low for this Department and it was a citywide reduction with crime down in all four Precincts.

Commissioner Gardner credited this drop as a direct result of the dedicated men and women of the Yonkers Police Department, who are on the streets every day protecting the people of the City of Yonkers. The Commissioner also thanked Mayor Spano for his support in providing the necessary resources for quality police services to the residents of Yonkers.

Mayor Spano commented “I want to congratulate the Police Commissioner for the strides he and the department have made in the last year. Our men and women put their lives on the line every day to ensure the safety and quality of life the residents of Yonkers,” said Mayor Spano. “While these stats are encouraging, we still have a lot of a work ahead of us, but I am confident that our hard work on the streets will continue to keep our communities safe.”

Commissioner Gardner pointed out that there was a significant reduction in every crime category with the exception of felony assaults. Only 4 murders were reported in 2012, a 43% decrease from 2011. Rapes are down 22%, and robberies are down 9%.

The most serious felony assaults (both shootings and stabbings), are down significantly. Shootings are reported to be down 62% and stabbings are down 9%. The Commissioner attributed this to a multi-faceted approach to guns and gun related crime including on-going crime analysis to quickly identify patterns involving these types of crimes. These initiatives include:

•Monthly Compstat meetings.
•Shot Spotter (acoustic gunshot detection system).
•Gun-Tips Hotline.
•Active patrol force.
•Undercover gun buy operation (Street Crime Unit)
•SNUG Program
•Federal Agency Partnerships and investigations (97 known gang members arrested in two separate investigations.)
In relation to property crimes, the Commissioner announced that in 2011 there was a spike in burglaries, which was a five year high. Burglary was then identified as a priority crime in 2012 and a comprehensive strategy was developed to address this crime, including:

•Burglary Task Force was created.
•A focus on detailed preliminary reports with thorough canvassing of witnesses and the search for video and physical evidence.
•Public Education – last year the Department launched an extensive social media campaign to disseminate information to the public concerning crime patterns and various crime tips to combat crime, including target hardening techniques.
•Detectives are now required to respond to all burglaries.
•Comprehensive Crime Scene Unit (CSU) processing and the use of DNA detection techniques.
Commissioner Gardner closed by relating that although the Department is achieving success in reducing crime, we are cognizant of the fact that behind every crime there is a victim. Even though the City of Yonkers remains one of the safest large cities in the country, no level of crime is acceptable.